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Rapidly implemented, flexible and user friendly Contract and Project Management System

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Customizable contract solutions

Customizable contract and project management system.

the nView Cloud

Out of the Box, Fully Functional
Contract & Project Management
Supplier & Client Management
Document & Matter Management
Dashboards & Management Reporting
Online Software Configurable by you
Secure & Reliable Infrastructure...

nView Editions

Online Software Ready to use by
Corporate Legal Counsels Legal
Professionals & Contracts Lawyers
Procurement Managers, Supply
Category Managers & Finance
Business Development Managers
Consultants and Contractors...

nVIEW Modules

Supplier & Client Contract Management, Project Management & Timekeeping
Legal Matter Management, Contract Approval Workflows & Document Management
Procurement Project Management & Benefit Tracking, Dashboards & Reporting...

Software Development

iDev's Software Development Services
can Scope, Plan, Design, Develop,
Configure, Deploy, Test, Evaluate
Online Cloud Software Customised to
your needs on Secure & Reliable
Infrastructure & Follow-up up with
ongoing Training and Support...

Infinate Possibilities

The nView cloud is fully configurable and supported with versions for all sizes of business and and editions to suit various departmental needs including procurement professionals, corporate legal counsels, business development managers and consultants.

Local Infrastructure & Support

You can rely on local support and infrastructure for high performance cloud based applications and superior user experiences. Our high availability, Australian based application server and data centre maintain your information securely and reliably 24/7/365.

Welcome to iDev

Cloud Software & Database Development iDev has delivered a number of intranet databases and systems that improve productivity, reduce risk, aid collaboration and help to store knowledge and distribute it amongst staff members. When Journey Management Group needed an Online Course Management System that could take bookings and payments online they contacted iDev to provide a system that was flexible enough to fit with Journey's rapidly growing business and integrate with their existing website.

If you have a need for a contract management, project management, legal matter management, procurement project management, timekeeping, benefit tracking or client consulting management system we can help get you online fast. iDev offers a cost effective cloud solutions that is available immediately and scales with your business.

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nView Contract & Project Management System

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